ITAs 2024

Melbourne, 5th September 2024

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Thank You to All Who Came to the ITA’s 2023…

The Internal Talent Awards are over for another year and wasn’t it a brilliant night!

Congratulations to all the Winners and a massive thank you to attendees, finalists, judges and sponsors.

You can find galleries for all the images from the night here & why not!


Co-hosts – Tapod podcast.

TaPod understands that the world of ‘Talent’ is serious. So they talk to serious people. But they also blend it with story-telling, humour and a hint of self-deprecation.

TaPod combines over 40 years of industry experience and what they don’t know they get a guest in to explain. Simple.

Both Lauren and Craig come from a strong background in recruitment and business. With key-note speaking experience and published content in the TA space, they are widely viewed as experts in the ever-changing recruitment landscape.

Lauren & Craig bounce off each other to get to the ‘nitty gritty’ of the issues facing the TA community.

Come along for the ride with us…

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Reach out to Lauren or Craig for more information

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